A thought on stir fries

I have found that stir fries, regardless of what you are preparing, depend on a good stir fry sauce to take them from good to great. You can use any combination of protein, vegetable and carbohydrate, but if your sauce is poor, your dish will be too.

With that said, here are three recipes from Chatelaine using a variety of Asian ingredients to make a great sauce and a delicious meal.

  1. chicken and greens
  2. pork
  3. fish

Some of these call for adding this to rice, but if you get some cook some good noodles and then toss it in with the other ingredients, that is excellent too. As for garnishes, cilantro is usually good. Chopped greens from green onions can also go great. And sprinkling sesame seeds over plated food also works well.

If your sauce is runny and you want it to be thicker, the cornstarch will help with that. But if you don’t like cornstarch or you like it to be a runnier sauce, feel free to leave it out.

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