What happened to cheap cuts of meat?

I came across these turkey necks at Metro yesterday and I was shocked despite the Coronavirus situation. First I was shocked that they were on sale at all. I mean they don’t make for great eating and there isn’t enough for even a stock. Second, I was shocked by how much they cost. I have seen whole chickens on sale for less than this per pound/kilo.

It got me thinking about how people once could go to the grocer and get cheap cuts of meat. And by cheap I mean closer to no cost. There’s even a song by Susanne Vega that has a lyric that chicken “backs and necks are free”. At the very least, offal and wings and even ground meat should be low cost but it rarely is these days. Grocers will charge whatever they can. The days of any food being close to free are over.

Maybe this is the new normal. Maybe this will be the thing that pushes more and more people to non meat eating. Maybe this is a good thing.

I miss the idea of cheap cuts of meat though. I miss the ingenuity needed to make a good dish from them. I’ll miss that for awhile, and then figure out how to apply that frugality and ingenuity to some non meat dishes.

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