Crudo! It’s hot! It’s cold! It’s delicious! Here’s how to make your own

Crudo is hot! Actually, it’s cool, and that is part of the appeal of it to me in the summer. Joking aside, it’s hot in terms of seeming to appear on menus in restaurants EVERYWHERE. Why? Well it could be the relative ease in making it. Sure it looks fancy, but it is really the equivalent of a salad in terms of prep. Plus I suspect people love it. It makes me think: Italian sashimi! Indeed, to make the crudo above, I got sashimi grade salmon and went from there. Hopefully you can get that where you live. If so, homemade crudo is what you ought to make.

Do you need a recipe? Not really, but when you first get started, it helps. So here’s four!

  • This recipe if for the crudo above. It was delicious!
  • Here’s one for tuna. Again, you want sashimi grade tuna.
  • We also referred to  this recipe
  • Finally here’s an all purpose guide from Bon Appetit

There you have it. Is this riffable? Of course! Any sashimi grade fish works. You can use different citrus, depending on what you like or have. I loved the capers and red onions, but you could try other pickled pieces or alumiums if you want. 


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