Ribs with my cheater BBQ sauce recipe is a great simple way to enjoy ribs


I love BBQ ribs. In particular, I love this recipe for ribs. This recipe allows you to cheat in a number of ways. One, the BBQ sauce itself is made with….BBQ sauce. I know, crazy. But if you take any basic BBQ sauce and add the molasses and other flavoring, you have this thick dark sauce that turns the pork into something amazing. Also dead simple to make.

You can also cheat by not putting the ribs on the BBQ! You can put them in the oven, or do what I do and take a frying pan with ridges and “grill” them with it. 

In the picture above, I roasted some peppers and shallots and potatoes that were tossed in olive oil. If you were to do the ribs in the oven, you could do them at the same time. Or just wrap them in foil and grill them on the BBQ while you apply heat to the ribs. But really, so many things go well with these ribs, from corn to rice to potato salad to….well, whatever you got!

Any good BBQ beverage goes great with these guys. The sauce is tangy and sweet and a touch spicy, so I like something like a shiraz or a cabernet sauvignon. A chilled red that is a touch lighter would not be a bad choice. Beer would be a great choice. A frosty cola would do nicely too. 

If you are wondering: could I use this sauce with chicken or other meats, I’d say, “yes?”. By that, I mean do not put this on until the last 10-15 minutes of cooking. The sugar in the sauce will go from being a nice dark brown to burnt black if you apply heat to it for too long. If you have boneless chicken you’d be fine. But if you have bones involved, get your meat close to cooked before applying this wonderful cheater sauce.





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