Paella-ish, or how to make a colorful and delicious meal of rice and seafood goodness

Paella is a classic dish. This is not about paella, but a simple dish that hits close to the spot on a weekday (or weekend) night. Not only that, you can make it in one pot and be done in less than an hour, start to finish. To make it, check out this seafood rice skillet recipe from BudgetBytes. It overlaps paella enough for me and it can be whipped up with simple ingredients that you likely have in my pantry and freezer. I also like that it swaps out saffron with more common spices.

In terms of tweaking it, I sliced up some slices of chorizo and added them when I was cooking the onion and peppers. I used fresh red peppers, but if you only have some in jars, they will also work. No parsley? I used fresh thyme. You can easily use dried parsley too. Peas are perfect, but you could use frozen edamame. Likewise, swap out the seafood mix with shrimp or scallops if you want.  Want it to be hotter? Add more cayenne. Or hot sauce later. Of course you can add more garlic too.

To drink, anything Spanish would be great. Sangria,  of course, but also an albariño would be good. Spain also makes some great roses and I would not hesitate to use that here. A crisp dry sherry would be fine as well. Or any drink with a lemony flavour.

As a side, you could make a gazpacho like this. Or use many of the same ingredients in a gazpacho but make a salad. For example, make a simple green salad using sherry vinegar or lemon juice, olive oil, cucumber, tomato, red onion, and some cheese. 


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