On Laura’s blue cheese pasta, and other fine uses for this great cheese

Sometimes, the simple recipes are the best. Take this recipe for blue cheese pasta from Laura Calder. It has three ingredients, one of which is pasta. Combining it with a sauce of cream and blue cheese yields a simple meal a and delicious one. Sure you can jazz it up if you want, but one of the wonderful things about it is the simplicity of it. As in all such recipes, the key thing is to get good ingredients. Then everything falls into place.

If you must know, sometimes I’ll chop up some green onions or chives and add it to either the sauce or on top. If you had some slices of roast beef, you could cut them into small pieces and warm them in the sauce. Or you could go even further, as this recipe does with lemon and spinach. But go for simple at first.

If you need a side salad to go with it, why not this belgian endive and walnut salad? Since pears go great with blue cheese, consider swapping out the apple with your favorite pear.  And while stronger blue cheese pair up better with heartier reds, I might go with a glass of pinot noir with this. Merlot or a red Bordeaux would be tasty. Perhaps a peppery rose? I think so. A refreshing glass of mineral water, certainly.

If that recipe has you excited about cooking with blue cheese — and it should —  I recommend you check out these recipes next. If what you need is a good guide to this fabulous fromage, I recommend Cook’s.

P.S. The recipe comes from the book, French Food at Home, by Laura. You can get it at Amazon or Indigo.ca. Plenty more good recipes there.

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