A simple chicken dish that you can make your own: five ingredient lemon chicken

This Five-Ingredient Lemony Chicken from a Cup of Jo is the perfect dish for two reasons. First, you can make it straight up as it is and it is fantastic. It has a ton of flavor, few ingredients, and little effort to make a dinner you can love. It also has a lovely sauce you can serve over anything: rice, pasta, potatoes, even beans or your favorite bread.

Second, you can use it as the base for expanding it to make it your own. Want to add some capers or olives to it? Easy enough.  Try some canned artichokes too. Toss some crumbled feta or grated manchego on top at the end? Also good. Stir some oregano into it before you pop it in the oven? Great. Fry up some peppers with the onions (or shallots or even leek) and then put the chicken on top. Capital idea. You can’t go wrong.

I used chicken thighs, but chicken legs would also be good. You might even chop up your own chicken and use that. Lots of opportunities.

Definitely a good dish to add to your regular cooking rotation.


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