In praise of fettuccine alfredo (and sorry cacio e pepe)

For a long time I have made disparaging remarks about cacio e pepe. As it became more and more popular I would say more and more unkind things. It’s so basic, I would say. I can’t believe people order that in restaurants I would gripe.

Well I take it back. And I take it back because I have rediscovered a pasta dish that I used to eat all the time in the 80s: fettuccine Alfredo. It was on the menu at the places I would go, like Ciao on Bloor or this fine little gem of a restaurant on Harbord whose name escapes me. It was simple, it was rich, it was delicious. It was also something I hadn’t eaten in a long time. Until I came across this recipe in Bon Appetit.

I’ve made that recipe a few times and I’ve have devoured it every time. It’s still as delicious as I remember it. It uses laughably few ingredients (so get great ones). It comes together in no time. It looks fancy. I love it.

So now I will add it to my favorite pasta meals. And now I will apologize to cacio e pepe because if I can love Alfredo and order it in restaurants then I can see why others love their cheese and pepper pasta and order it in restaurants too.

Eat the food you love, whatever it is. However simple it is.

Buono appetito!

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