Paprika! One of the greatest of spices.


This is an ode to one of my favourite spices: Paprika! Now you may think paprika is paprika, but you would be wrong. Read this piece and you will see why: The Different Kinds of Paprika and How to Use Them.

I keep at least 3-4 on hand and mix them around to give a little something extra to whatever I am cooking. I love smoked paprika in general, and sprinkle it on like pepper to whatever I want to have a bit of pepperiness and a bit of smokiness. It’s fantastic.

Now, if you aren’t used to cooking with paprika, I want you to start with this classic: Chicken Paprikash Recipe from Martha Stewart.

It’s a recipe that really shows you how great the spice is. But you don’t need a recipe: if you are seasoning a chop or any cut of meat with spices, sprinkle some paprika on top. I do this all the time making steak. You’ll be glad you did!

Wait, you say you want to learn more about paprika, including more recipes to try? Here you go.


(Photo by Volodymyr Hryshchenko on Unsplash)

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