When the world is running down, toad in the hole is a pick me up

Toad in the hole is one of those simple but great breakfasts I turn to often. It’s especially good on blah days when you need a light breakfast.

A recipe for it is more about technique than ingredients. For mine, I butter one side of the bread and then cut out a circle. Save the circle. Then I heat a pan on medium and once it warms up, put the buttered side down of the circle and the bread. Let that cook for around 2 minutes until golden brown. While it cooks, break an egg into a small bowl. When the bread is cooked, lightly grease the pan while a bit of butter. Put the uncooked bread side down on the pan and pour the egg in the hole. Cook for a minute. Flip. Cook for about 30 seconds to a minute. You want a nice cooked white and a creamy yolk. Serve. Add some salt and pepper, and in my case, jalapeño Chulula. Use the circle to soak up any egg. Yum.

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