In praise of St. JOHN

There’s much to be said of the greatness of St. JOHN, and it can be said by those better than me. One thing I want to say, though, is how their Instagram account is an antidote to most other accounts. So many food accounts promoted now have these plates with a minimal amount of food and a maximum amount of complexity. Not St. JOHN: there is a decent amount of food simply presented. The picture above is typical of them: 2-3 simple items on a plate. You don’t need tweezers to plate it. The dish says: you are hungry, here is some good food for you to eat. You can just imagine squiring some lemon over the fish, slicing off a piece, dipping in the aioli and then eating it. Pure bliss. Seeing such plates, I want to cook again and aim for that basic but great simplicity.

I also enjoy that their account is fun. They have lots of shots of great food, but many others of just goofing around. But the plates make me want to cook and they make me wish more places presented their food this way.


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