Carmelized onions are great. Here’s what you need to know

Carmelized onions are great, but you need to know that most instructions for caramelizing onions are terrible. Anything that says “carmelize for 5 minutes” is automatically garbage and should be ignored.

These recipes below should not be ignored. Not only will they tell you how to caramelize onions, but they will tell you how to caramelize them to just the colour you want. Sometimes you want golden brown, sometimes you want a mahogany brown. Depends on the dish.

Three thoughts:

  1. Caramelized your onions separately from the recipe and then add as needed. You need time to get that nice colour. So get that and then have them standing by to add when you need them.
  2. Use a very very big pan. They will shrink down to a fraction of the amount you start with (20%?….something like that). You want a big pan at first so they don’t overcrowd.
  3. Next time I will just use olive oil or even a neutral oil. I used butter for mine recently and I found it made the onions too buttery flavoured for my liking. So consider that.

Before, I forget

  1. Here’s the recipe for carmelized onions.
  2. Here’s some additional tips you might find useful.

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