If you want to add fish to your life, add this recipe to your repitoire

Fish sandwich

If you want to add fish to your life, add this fish sandwich from the blog Cup of Jo.  Every so often I go off of fish for some reason, despite loving it. This sandwich is just the thing I need. In itself, it’s very basic: just thin slices of fish coated in flour/egg/bread crumbs and fried. This particular sandwich recipe is so perfect and so easy to make and so easy to eat that you’ll be wanting to have it often. The fish is spiced just nicely, and you could easily put it on a plate and eat it just like that. But when you put it together with slaw and just the right bun, as this recipe does, you have something wonderful.

Once you make this, you will be thinking of ways to make it better. Ok not better, but different, since it is hard to improve on this. You can tweak the spices on the fish: I would add more mustard powder and perhaps bump up the cayenne. You could replace the mustard powder with other dried spices, like garlic powder or cumin. Likewise, you could swap out the dill with some other herb (sage or parsley or marjoram). And while Martin potato rolls are wonderful, any soft bun would fit the bill. But honestly, try the recipe straight up, with a crisp glass of sauvignon blanc or an IPA or a really cold glass of water with a slice of lemon in it. Simple perfection.

P.S. One trick I do with breaded food. I don’t add the herbs and spices to the coating. I add them to the fish (or other cutlet) after they have been breaded.  I find I get a more even coating that way.

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