Manhattan Style Clams are fancy and yet not

You are thinking: c’mon Bernie, which is it?? Well, this is a simple dish, with a bunch of chopped up vegetables, tomatoes, clams, bacon and fregola. If you replaced the fregola and clams with small regular pasta and mussels, it would be an inexpensive dish. But use clams and fregola (which is great but at least where I am expensive), and suddenly this is a fancy dish. Which is fine, because it is also a great dish. I’ve made this several times and I am always delighted with it.

To see for yourself, check out the recipe over at Chatelaine.

I highly recommend keeping the bacon in there: pork and shellfish go really well together. But a spicier meat like chorizo or salami could also work. If you can’t get fregola, go with something small like ditalini, acini de pepe and orzo. Try and keep the vegetables mentioned in the recipe: they really make it. Also, you need a good bread to sop up all that wonderful tomatoey goodness after you’ve polished off the clams. Add a simple green salad and you have a feast!

I am not sure why they have the name “Manhattan”: you’ll have to check out Deb Perelman’s cookbook, where this recipe came from. If every recipe in that book is as good as this, you will definitely want to check it out.

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