An ultimate sandwich to jazz up your lunchtime

I’ve been trying to break out of my cold cut and cheese lunch routine. Don’t get my wrong: I love a good honey ham and gouda sandwich. Even a simple grilled cheese is fantastic. I know, because I’ve been eating a lot of them during the work-from-home pandemic.

The sandwich I may be eating a lot of next is this:  The Ultimate Veggie Sandwich featured on the blog, A Cup of Jo. It is a mountain of flavour and texture. Really, a perfect sandwich. If you like the look of it, you’ll love the taste of it: it’s tangy and creamy and crunchy. Best of all, it’s full of healthy ingredients, in my humble opinion.

Now here at this blog we love a riffable recipe, and this one qualifies. Change the cheese, change the bread, use different types of hummus, use different colour peppers, replace the artichokes with some other pickled veg, try different greens for the lettuce, even swap out the pesto with sundried tomato pesto or another green sauce. Once you make this sandwich, you’ll be eating veggie sandwiches all the time. There’s practically no limit to how you can make them.

As always, try it in the original format first. If you do change things, try and have a few crunchy things, a few creamy things, a few tangy things. That’s what makes it great. Be generous with the ingredients: you are going for ultimate here.

The sandwich is via Heather Hands of Flourishing Foodie. Heather is a genius. Check out her blog at the link: it’s great.

P.S. One note: they stack things differently than I did. I found it easier to stack all the ingredients on the non-cheesy bread side, then cover it all with the cheesy toasted bread.

(Image: link to the blog A Cup of Jo)


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