How to host a spaghettata di mezzanotte, or “midnight spaghetti party”

First off, you need a good spaghetti recipe. One that is fast to whip up with onhand ingredients. This piece has exactly what you need: At the end of the night, pasta satisfaction | The Seattle Times

Now if you want to go all out, you can make a multicourse meal as described  here.

But I think the perfect midnight pasta party keeps it simple. Either way, the idea of hosting or attending a spaghettata di mezzanotte sounds fantastic. Feel free to call me any time you are having one. 🙂

P.S. It’s interesting: that recipe and article from the Seattle Times is an exact copy of the one from the New York Times. Not sure why that is. The One from the NYTimes is behind a paywall so I am including this one instead.

One thought on “How to host a spaghettata di mezzanotte, or “midnight spaghetti party”

  1. Might I suggest a creme Brule to follow (sorry about the lack of accents) with raspberries. I finally got my torch working today! I hope you make your pasta from scratch? It is two hours until midnight perhaps you could purolator me a plate. I would be happy to critique.


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