Indian food is a good gateway to vegetarian/vegan cooking

I think Antony Bourdain, who was not a fan of vegetarians or vegans, made an exception for Indian food. I am not as disdainful of non meat eaters, but I am in full agreement on the greatness of Indian cuisine. I love meat and dairy and normally struggle to eat vegetable only dishes, but when it comes to Indian food I have absolutely no trouble eating copious amounts of all things regardless of the absence of meat. The food is so flavourful that I’ll gladly eat an eggplant stew over some rice and be as happy as if I just left a fancy steak house.

Eating out is one thing, but cooking Indian style food at home can be a challenge. I’ve often passed on making Indian recipes after seeing an ingredient list of 10 plus spices. Happily there are recipes that are simpler and still as tasty. Like this one. It’s delicious, not too hard to make, depends on things in your pantry and freezer, and is easy to mix up. It calls for cauliflower and chickpeas but feel free to sautĂ© some diced peppers if you want, or add more onion and garlic or more cayenne if you want more heat. I would definitely add fresh cilantro: the freshness of it balances the heat. I combined this with jasmine rice but basmati would be perfect. Or just add some naan. A bit of raita or just yogurt followed on top would also be good. You can’t go wrong having this with beer either, though cold water or even a soft drink would be good.

To make this, go to this link:

Cauliflower and Chickpea Masala

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